Global Expansion Simplified: Research, Networking, PR, and IP Solutions for Your Business

Supporting Your Business Expansion: Expertise, Research, and Connections You Need

We provide comprehensive support for your domestic and international business expansion. Our team offers research, analysis, planning, and connects you with companies both domestically and internationally. We also assist with procedural tasks and provide legal support to ensure a smooth process.

We Provide Multilingual Overseas PR Services to Promote Your Company's Services Abroad

Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and create personalized PR campaigns in multiple languages. We will then reach out to media companies worldwide who would be interested in featuring your company, helping you promote your business on a global scale.

Customized PR Campaigns in Multiple Languages

Global Media Outreach for Maximum Exposure

Global Media Outreach for Maximum Exposure


Expanding Manga Market and
Translation Support

Submit detailed analysis and reports on the manga market, both partially and in full. We introduce overseas manga publishers and provide translation and interpretation support to ensure successful international collaborations.

Digitalization and Dual Publishing Opportunities

Digitalize even old works with specialized scanners. We offer opportunities for dual publishing in both print and e-books.

Merchandise Production and Management Advice

Merchandise Production and Management Advice

Webtoon-Style Works and Self-Publishing Services

Sell your Webtoon-style works and take advantage of our self-publishing services to reach a wider audience.

Copyright Management and Overseas Expansion

We manage copyright of works overseas and assist Japanese companies in expanding their business globally.


Creating Manga and Webtoon with AI

Reduce your workload by 50% to 80% while maintaining quality. We offer a complete range of services for creating original manga and webtoon with AI.

Original Stories

Get unique and captivating stories created with the power of AI.

Character Creation

Bring your characters to life with AI-generated designs and illustrations.

Cover Design

Impress your readers with stunning cover designs crafted by AI.

Manga Data Learning

Train AI to learn from existing manga data and improve its storytelling capabilities.

Unlock Your IP Business Potential

Discover personalized strategies and services to expand your IP business globally.